10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 6.2

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 6.2: Network Inventory: monitor hardware and software installed on network computers Inventory network computers, create the computer asset database. Watch and track hardware and software installed on your network computers, monitor changes and get email notifications on them. Generate professional-looking reports on hardware and software. Find out which processors are running in network computers, how much memory is installed, which HDD and DVD drives are used. Print reports on product and serial numbers, operating systems, etc.

Network Password Changer 1.0: Changes password on multiple computers centrally
Network Password Changer 1.0

computers centrally. Ideal for centrally changing the Local Administrator password on a group of computers. Uses the currently logged in user and searches for computers on the network that the user can log in to as a local user, and changes the password of the user remotely. This will work with domains and workgroups. Given 10 computers which all have a local user account `fred` with the same password, when `fred` runs this program, it will attempt

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EMCO Network Inventory Professional 5.6.2

computers do we have with Vista? * Which computers are still running WinXP and have less than 1Gb RAM? * How much extra hardware do we need if we change operating system? WHY EMCO NETWORK INVENTORY? * Easy and intuitive interface - you are able to get results with just few mouse clicks * Extracting a large number of useful hardware and software information from remote computers * No need of client installation on remote computers * Powerful and flexible

pc inventory, network inventory, inventory management, audit pc, software inventory

10-Strike Network File Search 2.2: Search files on network computers and FTP servers. Preview and save found files.
10-Strike Network File Search 2.2

computers. The preview feature allows you to filter out the unnecessary information. For network administrators: Search servers and users` computers including the administrative resources (shared disks c$, d$, e$, etc.). You can delete the unnecessary and temporary files from remote computers. Find all video or MP3 files that your users hide on servers. 10-Strike Network File Search looks up network computers in Microsoft Windows Network and scans

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EMCO Remote Administration 4.1.1

computers within a LAN. With built-in Macro Scripter to make script files where you have over 60 functions to choose from by drag and drop. Rich schedule management, auto install of remote service, ability to send a script file and actions to hundreds of computers in one shot and run with administrator privileges. Full control of Actions and Macro Scripts logging. Target computers can be filtered by information that the software has pulled from the

remote admin, remote management, run process, kill process, shutdown computers, remote install

Inexpensive Laptop Computers 1.0: Inexpensive Laptop Computers - Reviews, Ratings and Deals
Inexpensive Laptop Computers 1.0

Inexpensive Laptop Computers - Reviews, Ratings and Deals. We have customer reviews, star rating system, product description and detals of different brands of laptop computers to help you make an informed decision on the laptop computer that is right for you.

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Computers & Technology Safari Toolbar 1.0: Computers & Technology Safari toolbar - Articles on Computers, Technology & More
Computers & Technology Safari Toolbar 1.0

Computers & Technology Safari toolbar - Articles on Computers, Technology & More via this RSS-enabled toolbar

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